The Leader in Technology Education

The Leader in Tech Education

Founded at Stanford University in 2002 and based in Silicon Valley, we engage technology and business leaders along with experts in education in developing programs that give students the skill and confidence to be creators with technology and ready for the challenges of the future.

Setting the Standard in Innovative STEM Learning

Elite University Locations

Operating at the world’s most elite universities including Stanford, Harvard, Oxford and Toronto. Our world-class courses are delivered in 1-2 week, full-day immersive seasonal programs called Tech Camps.

150,000+ Global Alumni

With over 150,000 Digital Media Academy alumni from all around the world, many have continued on to attend top universities around the world and pursue careers at leading technology companies.

Certified Schools Program

Digital Media Academy offers its STEM expertise directly to schools through incorporating vibrant, cutting-edge, design-thinking focused K-12 technology curriculum with core academic subjects.

Academic Leadership & Industry Advisory Board

Comprised of experts and leaders from technology companies and leading academic institutions, our industry advisors provide guidance on skill sets and competencies required by technology employers. Our academic experts guide course development and ensure quality of our instructional practice.

Comprised of experts and leaders from technology companies and leading academic institutions.

Prof. Barak Kol

Professor Barak Bol holds a PhD from Stanford University and is also a full professor at Racah Institute of Physics at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Vinicius David

Vinicius David is HP’s Head of Global Sales and Business Development for Device-as-a-Service and was invited to become an instructor at UC Berkeley.

Dr. Karin Qayumi

As Founder and CEO of CanHealth International, Dr. Karin Qayumi brings healthcare education to developing nations free of charge.

Dr. Richard Smith

Dr. Richard Smith is the Director of the Centre for Digital Media, owned by UBC, SFU, BCIT, and Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

The Digital Media Academy Difference

Building Skills Needed for the Future

The Digital Media Academy Curriculum is directly connected to the world’s centre of technology innovation and the leading academic institutions. Over 150,000 students from around the world have gained valuable new skill sets and immeasurable confidence in using technology in ways that let them solve real-world problems, explore their creativity and advance their own innovation.

Next to curriculum, the most important ingredient for learning is the instructor. We have developed the best training systems and instructor support network for our Tech Camp instructors. We also search deeper to recruit the very best instructors from across the tech industry, creative fields and areas of practice.

Our Tech Camp instructors are recruited from across the tech and creative industries. Our comprehensive training system and support network together with our curriculum offers our students the best educational camp experience ever.

A Transformative Global Learning Platform

Digital Media Academy | Certified Schools provides a global, whole-school solution to integrate technology and innovation into the K -12 curriculum while providing opportunities for individualized learning and differentiation of instruction. Teachers are fully supported through a built-in training and resource package that is easy to follow and readily accessible.

Instructional support materials include teaching strategies guides, course content videos, cross-curricular integration map, lesson-ready materials, and standards alignment for assessment. Student engagement is strengthened through media-rich, age appropriate, and relevant instructional materials. All courses incorporate activities and projects that foster group collaboration, creative experimentation and interest-based learning.

All courses make use of free high quality, web-based software that works seamlessly on basic personal computers or tablets. To join the global community of Digital Media Academy | Certified Schools is simple – schools only have to pay a fixed annual subscription fee, based on the total number of students and embark on a guided implementation journey.

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